Cylinders are the bread and butter of the hydraulic industry. All types of equipment rely on properly working cylinders. When you bring M & M Hydraulics a cylinder we tear down, inspect, hone the barrell, patch and polish the rod, reseal, assemble and test it. If the rod is bent we can machine you a new one. There is no cylinder to big or small for our shop to handle. And all of our work also comes with a 90 day guarantee against leaks or failure. Our turn around time is typically within 24 to 48 hours depending on type of cylinder.

We also sale new cylinders which we are happy to price out against repairing a cylinder so you always get the best value for your dollar.

If you are the "do it yourself" type of person we will be happy to sell you the seal kit. Just bring in the original seals, be carefull to prevent damage to them, and we will measure them and order the kit for you. Be sure to keep in mind that a damaged barrell or rod will wear down a new seal kit much faster then a properly honed barrell and a straight polished rod.
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