Pumps are the heart of your hydraulic system. Much like the human heart any contamination can be devistating. When a pump goes to leaking or not working properly bring it to M & M Hydraulics immidiately. We will open it and inspect it for free. We will then let you know why the pump is failing and give you the option of repair or ordering a new one. Pumps and valves are what set M & M Hydraulics apart from many other hydraulic shops. We have taken the time to learn how each part of these complex units work. Thus alowing us to repair or replace the inner workings of a pump. Which in turn gives our clients the best chance at a better value for their dollar. We stand by all of our repairs with our 90 day guarantee to leaks or failures.

If a new pump is what you need then we are here  to help with that as well. With our vast network of venders we can negotiate for big savings and we are able to pass those savings on to our clients. We are able to get a vast array of brands and models. All new pumps come with a manufacturer warranty.
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